April 21, 2024

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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Gave Head Massage To Big Boss, Made The Viewers Laugh

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Rakhi Sawant Big Boss 14

Rakhi Sawant Big Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Gave Head Massage To Big Boss, Made The Viewers Laugh

Rakhi Sawant has the skills that can make you laugh even in a stressful environment. This time, Rakhi Sawant made her the big boss. In the whole season of Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi has been a consistent entertainer. Even on social media, people are liking her a lot. She is the real ‘Drama queen’ of Bigg Boss season 14.

Now, Bigg Boss 14 has reached its final stage, few contestants are left and the finale is going to happen a few days later. In such a situation, Rakhi Sawant, who is continuously entertaining the fans, is also in the mood. Rakhi was seen shouting a lot in the past days, but it seems that before the finale, she became the real entertainer. Bigg Boss offered 14 lakhs rupees to Rakhi so that she can quit the show. Instead of taking money, Rakhi chose to stay in the house and reached to Top 5 contestants.

Rakhi Sawant Conversation With Bigg Boss

Rakhi Messages the head of the Big Boss statue with oil and continuously asking him several questions. She asked, why are you sleeping in the Bigg Boss?. You have such a big head. There will be a lot of oil on your basket. Where did your hair go, Big Boss? Then Rakhi applies oil to the statue and asks you had lost all your hair in season 14, how you gonna make it to the 100th season of Bigg Boss. Then Rakhi pours oil in the nose of Big Boss’s statue.

Rakhi says that I am opening your veins, close your eyes, look at the cloud. While doing the same things, Rakhi is massaging this statue and laughing. Later on, she asked the statue whether he likes her services or not.

Rakhi Sawant Head Massage

This Video Released All The Tension In The Environment

This video of Rakhi is quite relieving in the tense atmosphere of the house. This style of Rakhi shows how she can bring laughter to people’s faces in a stressful environment. Recently, due to mutual tension between the members, it seemed that such an atmosphere would not return. But Rakhi has the talent that she can create tension in a moment and can make people laugh in another moment.

Rakhi Sawant, Ali Goni, Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilac, and Nikki Tamboli are left in the Bigg Boss house. Although all the members are being called strong, the talent Rakhi has is currently not visible to anyone. Rakhi has been very cool in such a long career, whatever she does, she does it with a lot of confidence, so the remaining four contestants are going to get a tough challenge from Rakhi this time.

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