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Bigg Boss season 14 Going to start on 3 October 2020

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Big Boss

Big Boss

Bigg Boss season 14 Going to start on 3 October 2020

Bigg Boss – Now just a few days are left for Sean Paltega to start. Which is going to start on 3 October 2020. Big India is considered one of the very famous shows Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss show India’s logo is very much liked. The show India will run for 105 days and will air on Colors TV channel. This time too Salman Khan is going to host the show. This first Salman Khan has also hosted this show 10 times before. People of all ages, from children to young and old, like to watch this show in India. Because in this show, well-known artists of their choice come to participate. 13 of them come to participate in this show, there are 13 well-known Kalkars and 3 common men who are chosen from among the common people.

The show consists of a house. Where all participants are kept together. Before going to Bigg Boss these participants are told that they will not get any information from the outside world and any kind of equipment to be used in the house. That is to be cut off from the world away. As such mobiles will not be used, nor will we be able to watch TV, nor is there any internet service, ie the overall thing is that the participants will be cut off from the outside world after entering the house. Where it is difficult to stay even 1 minute in today’s time. In such a situation, a person will have to stay away from his family for three months without a mobile and neither TV nor his family and as if he will not know anything about the outside world. They will also know that it will be just the talk of that house.

This is the specialty of Big Boss. That people can come once on their own but can go out only by the will of Bigg Boss. No matter how upset or happy she is inside this house, she does not have to live in it anymore, but that contestant cannot go out on her own no matter how much she cries or does anything at all. . If any contestant comes out, then he will be able to come out only when he is out of the elimination round with the big will. If a participant insists on coming out of his or her own will and that participant has to come out at any cost, then that participant may have to pay a fine of Rs 50 lakh. This rule applies to all participants. This is because the contract is signed before all the contestants come to the Bigg Boss house if a contestant wants to leave the Bigg Boss show house in the middle and pay a fine of Rs 50 lakh. Will have to.

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