May 24, 2024

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CBSE Board 10th & 12th Syllabus 2021

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CBSE Board Practical Exam New Policy

CBSE Board Practical Exam New Policy

CBSE Board 10th & 12th Syllabus 2021

There has been a slight reshuffle in the CBSE 2021 exam. Let us know what kind of change will happen in the exam. A slight change has been made in the CBSE Board 10th and 12th 2021 examinations that 10% of the questions will now be asked from the case study. This decision has been taken due to the non-opening of schools due to corona infection. It has been decided that students will be able to take the test. If 10% of the questions are from the case study, then it will be easier for students to take the exam.

There has also been a slight change in the pattern of the CBSE 2021 exam that 27 marks will be required to pass in those papers which are of 80 marks, while the marks of 70 marks will require 23 marks to pass. Apart from this, students can get more information from their schools. At the same time, the CBSE board has made a slight change in the intermediate examination and that change is that now the history paper will have 30 questions instead of 31. And the number of objective type questions has been reduced from 20 to 15. There will be 3 question case studies on this topic. Earlier the question used to be from the map was 6 marks but now it has been reduced to five marks.

The CBSE board has also made some changes in the subject of psychology. That is, earlier 32 questions were asked in the subject of psychology, which has now been reduced to 31 questions. Now 10% of the questions of this subject will also be asked from the case study. And apart from this, 27 questions were asked in the subject of biology, which has now been increased to 33 questions. And earlier the account paper used to be divided into two sections, now it has been divided into four sections.

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