May 24, 2024

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6 Bridal Style Tips To Follow Bride With Curvy Figure

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Bridal Tips Before Marriage

Bridal Tips Before Marriage

6 Bridal Style Tips To Follow Bride With Curvy Figure

Usually, girls are very concerned about wedding shopping because many things have to be prepared. Every girl wants to look perfect on this special occasion, that is why they do not like to compromise style. However, following the body figure is a challenge to follow the style, especially for brides with curvy figures. Every bride wants that on this special day, she not only looks beautiful but also fit.

Brides with curvy figures should follow the style according to their body shape. Choose everything from hairstyle to outfit. In this article, we will tell some style tips for brides with curvy figures, which they can follow and look perfect on their wedding day.

Bridal Tips

1. Blouse Designs

Brides with a curvy figure follow outfits as well as select outfits according to body shape. Instead of choosing a tight mermaid cut outfit, you can choose a flared or Umbrella cut lehenga. Apart from this, you can also try High West Lehenga, because it will not make your stomach visible, which bothers most girls. If you want, you can also carry a scarf differently.

2. Don’t Choose Over Glowy Colors

At Indian weddings, we often get to see a lot of glow but choose a color that will add to your look. Being over-glowing, you can look bulky, in which case you can choose Shiny fabric. These days there are many such shiny fabrics such as satin, metallic thread, georgette or silk, etc. which is the perfect option for a wedding outfit.

3. Outfit Selection

The blouse’s neck design plays the main role in your bridal outfit. So make sure you decide what the blouse should be with the outfit, if you are confused about it, it is best for brides with V-neck and square curvy figure. If you are heavy from the top, then avoid a high neckline, because it will give you a bulky look and it will make your neck look smaller. Apart from this, you also need to avoid boat neck design, because it will make your shoulders look wider.

Bridal Tips Before Marriage

4. Choose The Right Innerwear

In addition to outfits, makeup, footwear in a wedding shopping, you also need lingerie and other innerwear. In bad shape, the lounger will not only spoil your look, but you will also not look comfortable. So when buying a lounger for a wedding, do not look for money, but take special care of perfect shape and size. In perfect size, innerwear can help give you the perfect look.

5. Don’t Hide Your Tummy

The biggest problem with over-sized women is that they choose clothes that can hide their tummy. While in the circle of hiding Tummy, anytime women choose the wrong outfits which make them look even thicker. By the way, there is no need to hide the stomach because the weight cannot be hidden but it can be shown less.

6. Stay Confident

Love your shape and cheer up yourself. Keep the reminder that there is no perfect or ideal body shape. Every person has a different body shape and size. The thing that matters is, the way you carry your outfit. Don’t go for others’ opinions, just wear the dress that makes you feel pretty and confident.

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