May 24, 2024

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6 Great Parenting Tips To Be A Good Parent

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6 Great Parenting Tips

6 Great Parenting Tips

6 Great Parenting Tips To Be A Good Parent

The freedom of life confined in homes and lockdown has deteriorated even children with the good intellectual ability (IQ). If counseling and parents do not pay attention in time, their problems can increase with time. The Psychological Testing and Counseling Center (PTCC), an association of psychologists, has studied the behaviour change of 200 meritorious individuals who had IQ 120 or above since the lockdown. Of these, only 10 percent brought their problems while in 90 percent of the cases, parents were brought along.

1. Play with your children

Yes, you are listening right, playing with children and being their friend is the first duty of a good parent. Let your children choose their favourite game and play that game with them. This makes it easier for you to understand your children and the child also realizes that you worry about them rightly.

2. Give your children lots of love and affection

Sometimes, by giving lots of love and affection to children, they are happy and they develop well. Embracing their children and talking with love also calms their minds and they pay good attention to the parents’ talk.

3. Parents are Role Model of their Children’s

Children learn from their parents, whatever they speak. Choose your words smartly in front of your children. Never use abusive language while talking to children, it will affect their mental health. Parents are the inspirations of children and children learn everything from them. Therefore, children should be given proper attention, respect, and good behaviour.

Parenting Tips
Great Parenting Tips

4. Always tell the truth to your children

Whenever children ask you any question, give as many correct answers as possible and tell the truth. Children have a very different type of mind and vision, the more truth you will tell them, the more truth they will tell you. If you will lie to your children, they will adopt the same gesture.

5. How to discipline children? Discipline Vs Punishment

This is one of the main things that every parent needs to keep in mind. One thing you must always understand is that discipline does not always mean punishment. If children make any mistake, first of all, sit with them and explain what is wrong and what is right. Repeatedly scolding or punishing children causes fear in their minds which can hamper their mental development.

6. Never compare your children

In this world, every human or child has its quality. Every child has its specialty. Never compare your child with other children, because it makes the child get away from his identity and ability. Always motivate your children and if something goes wrong, explain what is right and what is the path to success. Every child has his interest.

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