May 24, 2024

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Avoid These Habits To Fasten And Strengthen Your Nails

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How To Make Nails Grow Faster And Strengthen

How To Make Nails Grow Faster And Strengthen

Avoid These Habits To Fasten And Strengthen Your Nails

Colorful nail polish on the long nails of the hands is something else. Yes, some women do not have long nails even after a lot of effort. So many girls it is desired to see the long, strong, and beautiful nails of other women. For this, they also try new remedies, but the nails get broken when they become slightly longer. If something like this happens to you too then here we have mentioned the reasons for non-growth and breakage of nails.

Lack of nutrients is also a reason for the lack of biotin. If a person is deficient in Biotin i.e. Vitamin B7 and H, then the speed of development of their nails may get slow. There are some causes due to which nails get damaged and weak.

Fasten And Strengthen Your Nails Tips

Fasten And Strengthen Your Nails Tips
Fasten And Strengthen Your Nails Tips

Cause of Diseases -. If someone has a disease like a kidney, liver, thyroid, depression, and psoriasis, it can also affect nail growth.

Injuries – Injuries on the nails can cause the nail to stop or slow down.

Medications – Some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs may affect nail growth.

Fungal Nail Infections – This problem can cause the nails to become loose and weak, which poses a risk of nail breakage. Also, the shape of the nail can look uneven.

Cutting Nails With Teeth – If you are accustomed to biting nails regularly, now is the time to stop it. This hinders nail growth. Also, this habit is not good as it may cause you stomach infection as well.

Do not apply a base coat to the nails- Whenever applying nail polish, do not forget to apply a base coat. It acts as a protective layer between the nails and nail polish. Failure to do so may weaken the nails.

Scrape Nail Polish – Many women have a habit of scratching the fingertips instead of removing the nail polish with a nail remover. By doing this, the nails will not only break again and again but also become weak and fragile and lose luster.

Use of Excessive Gels and Acrylics– While visiting the beauty parlor and repeatedly applying gel or acrylic (a kind of paint) on the nails, it does not give the nails a chance to grow. This may affect the natural growth of the nails.

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