July 24, 2024

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How To Make Your Favourite Outfits Like New Ones?

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How To Make Your Favourite Outfits Like New Ones

How To Make Your Favourite Outfits Like New Ones

How To Make Your Favourite Outfits Like New Ones?

Everyone wants to keep their favorite outfits like new ones. For this, you need to take proper care of clothes is necessary. However, sometimes even after proper care, clothes get spoiled very quickly. In such a situation, by adopting some easy hacks, you can maintain both the life and newness of your clothes.

Protect Clothing From Getting Fade

If you want your clothes to look like new for more days, then, first of all, avoid them getting fed up. For this, you should mix salt or vinegar in water and soak the cloth in it for some time. By doing this, the clothes will shine. Also never expose clothes to strong sunlight. Always put wet clothes in the hanger to dry in the shade. However, ammunition women make the mistake of drying clothes in the sun. However, this causes the color of clothes to fly away.

Straighten The Collar Of The Shirt With A Hair Straightener

If you do not put the cotton shirt properly in the wardrobe, then its collar turns. It does not cure even when pressed several times. In such a situation, the entire look of the shirt gets spoiled. If the collar of your shirt is also damaged, then you can fix it with the help of a hair straightener. This is an easy way to get the shirt collar back into the right shape. This will add the same hardness to the collar of your shirt as new.

This Is How To Prevent Cotton Cloth From Shrinking

Cotton clothes tend to shrink slightly when they are washed for the first time. This causes their fitting to deteriorate. To avoid this situation, instead of washing cotton clothes in detergent (choose the right detergent for clothes), wash with baby shampoo.

This will neither shrink them nor spoil their complexion. If you want to get a dress stitched for yourself with cotton fabric, then wash and press it once before giving the cloth to Taylor. By doing this, the clothes will have to shrink as much as the first time.

How To Make Your Favourite Outfits Like New Ones
Favourite Outfits


There are some fabrics that, after using them once or twice, begin to appear old. They start crying, which spoil their looks as well. Much of this happens with wool, nylon and cotton mix nylon fabrics.

As soon as a little rub is applied on them, their threads begin to break and they appear on the clothes in the form of small bunches. You will also have some outfit that will be very close to your heart, but because of crying, you will be reluctant to wear it.

Remove The Fabric Wrinkles

The biggest problem with cotton and silk fabric is that they start folding very quickly. Due to wrinkles in clothes, oldness starts to appear in them. Now, clothes cannot be pressurized all the time. Especially when it is quick to know, then press on the clothes (remove the folds of clothes in 5 minutes) seems to be a heavy task.

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