May 23, 2024

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These 5 Reasons Cause Hair Loss And Baldness

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Hair Falls And Baldness 5 Reasons

Hair Falls And Baldness 5 Reasons

These 5 Reasons Cause Hair Loss And Baldness

Everyone is troubled by the problem of hair loss and baldness. While in some people this problem can be genetic, there are other reasons as well. Everyone, whether female or male, is nowadays finding ways to prevent hair loss, but do you know what are the other reasons for hair loss? After all, what is the lack of hair?

In addition to genetic reasons, stress can also cause hair loss. In a fast and rushing life, people do not spend so much time focusing on themselves. Stress and tension directly affect our health as well as mental state. Nowdays, people has stopped taking care of their hair. Hair need proper care and nutrition for a healthy growth.

Hair Loss And Baldness

Vitamins plays an important role for Hair growth

Some vitamins are needed to prevent hair growth and loss. These vitamins are A, B, C, D, E, B complex, iodine, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, silicon, and potassium. Lack of vitamins can cause a lack of hair. Vitamin A makes hair long, thick, and soft, while vitamin D makes hair thick, healthy, and long. Similarly, the B complex prevents untimely white hair and loss. As soon as these vitamins are deficient in the body, the direct effect is seen on the hair besides health.

Hair Loss Reasons

  1. Many people use lots of color on their hair. By doing this the hair becomes weak and they start falling out.
  2. The use of a hairdryer to dry wet hair and the use of tools on hair make them extremely vulnerable. Avoid them.
  3. Fungal infections and dandruff is a major cause of hair loss. Fungal infections can occur any time of the rainy season or winter or summer. Due to excessive sweating in hair, hair becomes sticky due to which people usually shampoo daily which is harmful.
  4. If you are not getting enough sleep or you are not able to sleep properly then be careful because this will cause your hair to fall faster. According to many reports, insomnia and sleep disorders are caused due to a lack of sleep, which directly affects the hair.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight on hair. The harmful ultraviolet rays can damage your hair. Always cover your hair with a scarf or some cloth while going outside.

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