May 24, 2024

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Ajay Devgan’s New Film Kaithi Will Be Released on 12 February 2021

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Ajay Devgan New Film Kaithi 2021 Download Free

Ajay Devgan New Film Kaithi 2021 Download Free

Ajay Devgan’s New Film Kaithi Will Be Released on 12 February 2021

Ajay Devgan’s new film Kaithi will be released theatrically on 12 February 2021. The film is a remake of the Tamil language film Kaithi (2019) of the South Indian film industry. Ajay Devgan himself has confirmed on his Twitter account that he will make a remake of the film Kaithi in Hindi. Ajay Devgan will be seen playing the lead role in the film. Which is the character of a father. The father is going to meet his daughter for the first time after being released from jail after 10 years and gets caught in a fight between police and drug mafia on the way. The film is being produced by Ajay Devgan’s Film, Reliance Entertainment, and Dream Warriors Pictures. However, the director of this film is not confirmed yet. This movie will be full of action.

The film’s story is about an inmate who, like being released from prison after 10 years, is going to an orphanage to meet his daughter. When his daughter is about to be born, he goes to jail for the crime of killing someone. And gets released early from prison due to his good nature in jail. While on his way to meet his daughter, some policemen catch him on the way and take him to his farmhouse. Where police officers are having a party. There are 5 police officers involved in this party who have caught 1000 kg of mafia drugs before coming to the party. There is a policeman involved in that farmhouse party who is giving all the information to the mafia. After getting information about this, the people of the mafia mix something in the party of the policemen to get the drugs, which makes all the police officers fall ill. And one of them is a police officer. Which could not allow this thing to be leaked in the media at all. The police officer then finds this prisoner’s father in a gypsy who has to drive a lorry. And also takes all the police officers to the hospital. On the way, this prisoner’s father, playing his life, reaches all the policemen in the right condition Hospital for treatment. And also protects drugs from drug mafias. And meets his daughter at the end of the film. This story depicts the love of a father who does a lot to meet his daughter.

Ajay Devgan was last seen in the film Tanhaji. Ajay Devgan did amazing acting in this film. Tanhaji film had a box office collection of 266.88 crores in India and the worldwide collection was 350 crores. Kajol was also seen in this film with Devgan. Soon Ajay Devgan will also be seen in Golmaal 5. Three to four movies of Ajay Devgan are going to be released in 2021. Two movies more of Ajay Devgan and which will release in 2021 which is Maidan and Bhuj. Ajay Devgan is an amazing actor. Hopefully, people might like this movie. Because this is a remake movie. The box office collection of Kaithi 2019 movies was Rs 105 crore and now it remains to be seen whether Ajay Devgn’s Kaithi Movie will be able to compete with Real Kaithi Movie.

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